I quit.

I wrote most of this a year ago I’ve edited a little. I found it still relevant as we are all closing this year out. And yes, Pete is still loving life and is still the best-dressed dude at Men’s Group!

Each Tuesday I attend a men’s group at a coffee shop from 8 to 9 am and have done so since I started as a Realtor. Pete came this week, he is one of the newer guys of the group. He started hanging with us in the fall of this year. When he joined, he had just resigned from a long-standing job of 17 years. He told us that the strenuous nature of the job and the hours were wrecking his family then left that job without one to take its place. The old place provided no time to pursue something new. Pete stepped into our group searching for something new, with kind of a lost look on his face. We prayed for him and he continued his search. He popped in and out a few weeks here and there still searching for a new job. Well, this week Pete joined us beaming! He’d found the job, he told us all about how he now gets to work from home half the week, make his own schedule and is getting almost two weeks off because the company takes likes to rest for Christmas & New Years. Seeing his triumph was quite special, and it reminded me of a few things.

What would’ve happened had I not left Starbucks? That was a hard choice to make. I was good at that job. I loved my people, my partners, and my customers. But I knew I had to change something a lot like Pete did. These past 5 years have been the best of my life. Were there a couple of moments after quitting that I thought I made a mistake, of course. But on Tuesday while Pete was telling us of his new adventure I looked around at a group of guys I wouldn’t know had I not made that leap. Places I never thought I’d see and thoughts of activities I’ve done with my kids flooded my mind, they wouldn’t have been possible. The relationship I hold with Heidi would not be as strong as it is either.

Pete finding the job wasn’t his triumph. Quitting was. Today, he probably thinks and feels finding this new job is the win and I could completely understand his point of view. But I think the further he removes himself from the figurative leap he took by leaving that job he will see that as the triumphant moment. Without him quitting his family could have fallen apart. Without him quitting I don’t know if our group or I would have ever met him.

My favorite position working at Starbucks was at the register, I loved talking to my partners and all of the people that came in. I remember not wanting to quit meeting all of those people. But doing what I do now, I talk to infinitely more people! Getting out of those 4 walls created so many more opportunities, so many more possibilities, so many more people!!! Out of the boundaries of that job, I found books to read by brilliant men & women, speakers to listen to from all over the world who’ve done terrific things with their lives.

All of that started with quitting. Quitting something I was good at. In the few times, I met Pete before this week I know he was doubting his decision to leave that job because he hadn’t had the new thing lined up. He hated waiting and hated trying to convince companies to hire him. Getting to see the peace on his face this week was wonderful. He is a new man, and I have a feeling that will translate to all parts of his life.

So what do I need to quit now?

Don’t worry, I’m not done helping families hunt for home yet! But quitting doesn’t always have to be a job. What if I quit worrying? How would that translate into all parts of my life? What if I quit being negative about so much? What if I quit overeating, what would that do for my overall health? What if I quit doubting myself on projects I’ve been planning for years? Is quitting the true beginning of change? If these 5 years have been this good, what are the possibilities of the next 5 years?

Do you need to quit something? I know I do. It’s a big question because when you quit something you have to fill that void with something else, and this is a whole other topic. I didn’t intend for this writing to coincide with the closing of 2018, it’s naturally coming out this way. I love Christmas and the holiday season, I love planning for the upcoming year. It is the perfect juxtapose for looking back and forward at the same time. 5 years ago, I was planning on quitting something I was good at to jump into something completely new. Here I sit in amazement of the countless number of people I have gotten to meet and grow close to. Old friends, I haven’t talked to in years as well as fresh new relationships just by sparking up a conversation. My heart fills with warmth as I think of my people. If you’re reading this you are ONE of THEM! Then as I look on to 2019 I get so excited to think of all of the new people I’m going to connect with.

I quit something I was good at because something deep down in my heart I knew I had greatness to get out! Pete did and YOU DO TOO! It’s not too late to make this year a great year.

Now get out there and quit!

I wish every single one of you a Happy New Year.

Revision/Addition: Reading this a year later I broke through some plateaus I didn’t think I could because I was able to quit a few of the things I mentioned above making 2019 a truly tremendous year! Now as I am looking forward to the new year I still see some of the things I need to quit, most of them have very simple solutions but it’s like a junkie who needs to quit the junk; simple doesn’t mean easy! Recently I heard a speaker say, “To reach higher levels, you’re going to face bigger devils.” For days now I haven’t been able to shake those words from my thoughts. Devils don’t want you or I to quit what is holding us back. Devils don’t want you to progress, they’re happy with your contentment. Well, I’ve got some pretty lofty levels I’m hoping to reach this new decade so I’m sharpening my sword getting ready to quit more. All of us have a higher level we want to arrive at, let’s sharpen one another as we go into face these devils and I’ll look for you up there this time next year!

Thank you for reading 

& God Bless,


PS- Dudes, I think you need to quit something Tuesday mornings because Men’s Group starts at 8 am each Tuesday at The Grove coffee shop, it goes ‘til 9ish

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